Activating Massage Set

Activating Massage Set

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Facial Activator & Booster Serum Set

Start using ancient Gua Sha techniques and quickly notice how wrinkles, facial puffiness and other signs of skin aging are visibly reduced. Our Facial Activator is a modern version of the ancient Gua Sha. Made from medical grade stainless steel, it is fluid-filled and can be used for both warm and cold massages. Gua Sha techniques are easy to learn and many instruction videos can be found on this website and our YouTube channel.

Our best-selling Booster Serum is formulated with organic plant oils and butters. The serum’s active ingredients help boost the formation of collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The oils and butters are also deeply hydrating, and help to calm and heal irritated and sun-damaged skin. This serum is ideal for facial massages and elevates your skincare routine into a home spa experience.

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    Experience the benefits of ancient Gua Sha techniques with a modern design that firms, lifts, and de-puffs your face. Stimulate blood flow, reduce puffiness, and drain excess fluids for a healthy, youthful appearance.

    Our Facial Activator pairs perfectly with our Booster Serum. Because of its regenerating and cell activating properties, this serum is ideal for mature and dry skin. The active ingredients moisturize and soothe the skin and enhance the skin’s elasticity.

    The Facial Activator and Serum give you a spa-like treatment at home.

    Using our Facial Activator is simple and easy. Start by watching our short videos on this web page, on the 5 key gua sha techniques that you should know about. It is important to remember that that you always glide the tool along your skin contours with upward motions along your neck, jaw, and cheekbones. This versatile tool can be used cold or warm. For cryo treatment, leave it in the refrigerator overnight or in the freezer for one hour. For a warm treatment, submerge it in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes. Avoid hot or boiling water and do not microwave.

    Experience the rejuvenating benefits of ancient Gua Sha techniques with our Facial Activator. This innovative tool with modern design helps to firm, lift, and de-puff your face, stimulating blood flow, and reducing facial puffiness for a youthful, radiant appearance. The upward motions along your neck, jaw, and cheekbones with this tool help to contour and define your facial features. When combined with our specially formulated skincare products, it delivers optimal anti-aging results, making it a must-have in your beauty routine.

    Our Facial Activator is versatile and can be used both cold and warm, and for advanced techniques, follow our weekly facial massage plan and subscribe to our YouTube channel for new facial massage videos with the Gua Sha.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Halina Sobczyk (Osnabrück, DE)

    От сыворотки я просто в восторге!! Использую вечером, делаю массаж, после неё крем не использую. Мне кажется, что моя кожа стала намного ровнее, заказала ещё раз. Спасибо большое, ваша косметика замечательная!🧡

    Anonymous (Vilnius, LT)

    Ochenj ponravilosj eto sredtvo, xochetsa kazhdoje utro - kak kofe :)

    Юлия Казакова (Varna, BG)

    Сыворотка замечательная, нежная, кожа ее восприняла на ура, мне подошла.
    Скребок отличный, многофункциональный, к тому же, им не боишься наставить себе синяков)
    Вообще, чувствуется, что в продукцию вложена душа. Все очень милое, буду пробовать другие продукты!

    Irina Grinfeld (Petah Tikva, IL)

    У меня экстремально сухая кожа, которую очень трудно увлажнить. Я пользуюсь сывороткой с момента ее появления и моя кожа теперь напитанная и увлажненная. Дорогая Тати, благодаря Вашим массажам, которые я делаю ежедневно уже второй год, моё лицо выглядит совершенно по-другому: ушел второй подбородок, значительно уменьшилась глубина морщинок в уголках глаз и даже моя вертикальная морщина в межбровье гораздо меньше!
    С благодарностью к Вам, Гринфельд Ирина, 48 лет.

    Sogol Samimi (Duisburg, DE)
    Facial Activiator

    Perfekt like your other products!

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    Fights all signs of aging around the eyes, including puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles

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