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Every day, more than 50,000 people from all over the world exercise with our anti-aging face massage videos.

To help you get started with face massage and see lasting positive results, we will send you every Monday morning at 6 am an email with a face massage plan for the whole week. You don't have to wonder anymore about which massage to do when; all you have to do is click on the links in the email to view the videos.

We have made sure that the weekly plans rotate through all the different parts of the face (neck, eyes, cheeks, forehead, etc.), so that if you follow the plans on a weekly basis, you will contribute very positively to an anti-aging treatment for your entire face!

Every Wednesday morning at 6 am we will send you a video that I will create exclusively for our members. You won't find this video on our website!

These FREE face massage videos are the easiest way to start your anti-aging lifestyle. All our techniques are actively working, BUT it is very important to stay motivated and keep doing the massages to see lasting anti-aging results in your face.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: All our massages are actively working on the face muscles. To get the best possible and lasting anti-aging results, you also need to nourish your skin, and for this we recommend using our active anti-aging skin care line.

Use our Retinol cream after your face massage in the evening and use our Hyaluronic cream after your face massage in the morning.

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