Free DHL Express shipping over EUR 120

Free DHL Express shipping over EUR 120

Our anti-aging face massage solution

I have selected for you, 100 of the most effective face massage techniques, including face taping and cupping, that help to rejuvenate your face, and give your skin a healthy and youthful glow.

These techniques have been included in over 30 guided face massage videos that work on the 43 muscles in your face, the lymphatic system, and stimulate the blood flow to the skin.



Try our face massage videos

When you purchase any of our anti-aging cosmetics, you will automatically receive access to your own VIP account page from where you can view any of the 30+ face massage videos and our weekly face massage plan.

To give you an impression of the videos you can find in the private account page, we have selected 3 face massages videos for your to try out.

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Puffy Eyes & Crow's Feet

All face massage videos come with English and Russian voiceovers, and with subtitles in English, Russian, German, Spanish and Dutch.

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Good bye smile lines

Every week, I will select a combination of videos for the weekly face massage plan, so that you don't have to worry about which massages to do. The weekly plans are designed to treat all major facial areas.

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Forehead massage

You will receive access to all these videos, and the weekly massage plan, in your private account page with any purchase of our cosmetics.

Order processing and shipping during the holiday season

We are in the December holiday season, and it may therefore take longer to process your order, and delivery may also be delayed. This is not in our control, and we kindly ask for your understanding.

Our shipment partner will close from 24 December until 2 January. We can therefore only process and ship orders that arrive before 22 December 15:00. Any orders received afterwards, will be shipped from Monday, January 3, 2022.