Massages for the Nasal Folds

This course comprises 10 videos that target the nasal folds and smile lines.

If you have not yet worked on the neck and aponeurosis, I recommend that you start working on that region first and then move on to the other areas of the face.


Video 1

With the index fingers, smooth the entire lateral muscle of the nose, as shown in the video. Starting from the beginning of the nose, ending at the wings of the nose. You may feel some unevenness. Our end goal is to make the skin and muscles feel smooth. This may take a few treatments. Do not rush it! Keep going until it starts to feel warm and you see some redness. Do not expect results overnight!

Video 2

Massaging the nose

Take the base of the wing of the nose with your thumb and forefinger, as shown in the video, try to lift the base, as if to tear the muscle from the bone. Do this until is starts to feel warm and you see some redness.

Video 3

Shape an L with your index finger, and place the edge of your finger at the base of the nasal bridge, then slowly roll your finger to your temple. Repeat until the skin starts to feel warm and you can see some light redness.

Video 4

Use your knuckles to massage the area just below the cheek bones. Using slow circular movements try to locate areas that feel a bit tight and massage these for about 15 - 30 seconds. This may feel a little painful and it is important to keep massaging these areas until they become soft and smooth. Do not continue if the pain is too much.

Video 5

Take the corner of your lip in a pinch, as shown in the video. You should feel where the tension is, it will manifest itself in the form of lumps. Then, with slow movements, walk from the corner of the mouth to the place of attachment of the large zygomatic bone (reference point: the edge of the eye), then you can take a pinch from the corner of the lip and walk vertically to the zygomatic bone. This can work out and smooth the entire cheek area. Repeat a few times until the area feels softened, warm and you can see some redness. We do everything by how it feels! Stop when it hurts. Results take time and a few treatments.

Video 6

Massaging the lips

Place your fingers in a deep pinch at the corners of your mouth. Under your fingers, you may feel some hard, and sometimes painful, little balls that are muscle attachment. Ideally, they should be soft and pliable. Compress and wait 10-15 seconds. Then repeat this technique 3 times. It make take a few treatments before you see results.

Video 7

Massaging the nasal folds.

Place the fingers of one hand at the wing of the nose, with the fingers of the other hand, begin to slide from the nasal folds to the temple. Repeat 5 - 10 times per side, or until the skin feels warm and shows some redness.

Video 8

Pinch the skin just at the end of the mouth and right under the nasal fold. Slowly massage the skin until it starts to feel warm and shows some redness. With this technique, we improve blood flow in the area.

Video 9

This technique requires the use of a Gua Sha . Place the corner of your Gua Sha to the wing of the nose, then massage the wing of the nose (the base of the nasolabial fold) with smooth low-amplitude movements until it starts to feel warm and becomes a little red. Then turn the Gua Sha 45 degrees over the entire nasolabial fold and direct all tissues up the hairline. Do 3 - 5 sets on each side. If your skin moves a lot, you can hold the skin down with your other hand while you slide the Gua Sha up to your temple (as shown in the video).

Video 10

Place your thumb on the inside of the cheek and the rest of your fingers on the outside of the cheek. On the inside of your mouth, with your thumb, start to massage the inside of your cheek. Your goal is to smooth out any unevenness. When you find these, stop and work through them, as if trying to stretch them from the inside. Important: always massage the skin in an upwards motion.

Important notices:

Just as you should be careful when you start training your muscles in the gym, should you be careful when starting to the train the muscles in your face with face massage. Results take time. Start slowly. Do not overdo it. Be reasonable with your expectations.

Give your muscles time to rest between exercises. Always clean your skin before any exercise. Use a gentle soap, and luke warm water. Clean also your hands and make sure your finger nails are clean too, to ensure you're not poluting your skin.

Also, if you have a special skin condition, then you should first ask your doctor or dermatologist for advice before attempting any of these exercises.

Remember, your are doing this to become a better version of yourself, so be kind to yourself, love yourself, don't give up and be reasonable about results.