Introductory course

This introductory facial massage is a unique way to integrate facial massage into your daily skin care routine. We created this course so that you can work all areas of the face and neck in one week. The techniques that we demonstrate in the video do not take too long. You can do this at any free moment. The main thing is that you first clean your face and hands.

The video course begins with stretching the neck, because it is the connecting link between the torso and the head. Lymphatic vessels, large nerves and arteries pass through the neck. A cramped neck can cause anything from forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and even a floating oval on the face. Headache, which worries a large number of people, is also caused by tension in the neck. Facial rejuvenation, therefore, should start from the neck. The goal of our technique is to keep the nervous and lymphatic systems working properly.

If you are just starting to integrate massage into your care, we recommend that you take 3-5 weeks to study the first five video techniques. From stretching the neck, we will smoothly move on to the rest of the areas on the face. We have distributed all massage techniques to ensure that your skin is sufficiently resting between sessions. This is really important! Do not try to rush the process and do all the massages in one day. It won't work and your skin will be irritated from overwork.

All of the following massages should be done only after thoroughly cleaning your face. The purpose of the massage is to really penetrate the muscles and soften them. Any redness of a massage should disappear quickly.

All of these techniques will work differently for different persons, for some it will work faster, while for others it will take longer to show results. Please allow time, and be patient. Give the massages the time they need to work for you.

I want you to enjoy the results of these videos. Stay happy and positive, love yourself, and remember to laugh. Negative emotions create dull and problematic skin.


Video 1

Stretch exercises for the back of the neck.

Sitting or standing with your back as straight as possible, lock your hands behind your head, as shown in the video. Lower your chin as far down as possible; and if you can, press your chin against your chest. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then SLOWLY roll your chin towards your right shoulder, and then again hold for 10 seconds. Then roll your chin towards your other shoulder. You will feel a stretch in the back of the neck, and there should be no pain. If you feel pain, ease the tension. You should really feel a pleasant stretch. Perform this stretch exercise 3 times.

Video 2

Stretch exercise for the front of the neck.

Place your palms on your chest, as shown in the video, and then gently push as far down as possible. You then lift your chin up as much as possible. The most important thing is that you do not stretch with the back of your head, but with your chin up. Stay in this position for 10 seconds, then slowly move your palms under the collarbone, turn your head 45 degrees and raise your chin as high as possible, and then hold for 10 seconds. Move your palms closer to the base of the shoulder, and move your head to the opposite side and lift your chin up as much as possible, also for 10 seconds. Do the same on the other side. When done correctly, you will feel a pleasant stretch. Each person will feel different areas of tension. If you feel pain, loosen the tension. Repeat 3 times for each side.

Video 3

Massaging the epicranial aponeurosis (the skin over your skull).

The skin over your skull is probably the most important area to treat after the neck. Without a well-movable skin "helmet", there will be no lasting face massage results for the face. To do this massage, we start by putting our fingers on your left and right temples, then slow begin to comb your skin upwards towards the crown of your head. Let yourself by guided by the flexibility of your skin. The main thing here is to massage your skin towards the crown, and that you work the entire head. You can do this while washing your hair.

Video 4

Massaging the auricles (a little love for our ears).

Place your fingers in the form of a V around your ears, as shown in the video. Slowly at first, and then faster as per your comfort, rub the area until is starts to feel nice and warm.

Video 5

Massaging the thoracic region.

Using your knuckles, roll your hand from the center of your chest to the shoulders, until it starts to feel warmth and you can see a little redness (about 5-10 times). Then you turn your hand 45 degrees and roll you knuckles from the center to the armpits, again about 5-10 times. Lastly do the same but now rolling your hand from the center down along your chest, also 5 - 10 times.

Video 6

Technique to reduce flews and purse-string wrinkles.

This technique is aimed at working out and relaxing the circular muscles of the mouth. Use your index fingers to form a hook. Attach the hook to the center of the nose, then tilt your head down slightly so that your finger penetrates deep into the muscle, then slowly begin a deep, pressing movement to the edges of the lip to form a smile, as shown in the video. Take it slowly, take your time. You will feel all the bumps and soreness under your fingers. You need to iron this area until it starts to feel soft and even, but repeat each movement at the most 5 - 10 times (follow what feels good). You want to end up with the feeling that your fingers can glide along without bumps and pain. Perform the same technique with the upper lip, just stop at the edges of the lip, as shown in the video. It may take a few times before you get to the desired end result. Make sure you let the tissue recover, before treating it again. Gradually the muscle will relax and the sliding will be smooth and painless.

Video 7

Massaging your face oval

Use your knuckles to smooth the entire jaw arch from the very center of the chin to the ear, as shown in the video. You may feel bumps, pain, creaking and crunching. The end goal is to have you hand slide smoothly over your skin. This may take a few treatments to achieve. Don't overdo it (max 5 - 10 times), and then give your skin time to recover.

Video 8

Massaging the forehead

With your knuckles, as shown in the video, begin to make small movements (zigzag) from the end of your eyebrow upward, and stop about 1 - 2 cm beyond the hairline. You are kneading the painful areas on the forehead. Repeat for 2 - 3 passes over the entire forehead, or until you feel it become warm and some redness.

Video 9

Massaging the eyebrows.

This technique will help you to treat overhanging eyelids and reduce nasal folds. To start, with your index fingers and thumbs, pull together the skin at the base of your eyebrow. Gently pull the underlying muscle away from the skull attachment and massage it while you move your hands along your eyebrows. Stay at each position, massaging, for about 5 - 10 seconds (what feels comfortable).

If you can't grab a lot of muscle, then try to massage what you can hold onto. If it is really too little, then there is likely tightness in your neck. Go back to the neck massages, as well as the massages for the skin over the skull, and try to relax the skin first. As you treat the neck and skull, the skin in the face will become more flexible and you will be able to do this eyebrow massage.

Please note that you should not feel any pain when doing this massage. If it does hurt, then reduce pressure. Make 3 - 5 passes for each eyebrow.

Video 10

Massaging the eyes.

Use your thumb to stroke the base of the eye socket as shown in the video. You may feel unevenness, and that is normal. Our end goal is to make the skin smooth, and this may take a few treatments. Don't rush it. Like all the other massage techniques, we do everything slowly and follow the signals our body gives us.

Video 11

Massaging the eyes

Make a fork out of your fingers, as shown in the video, place your fingers along your "crow's feet" and spread the fingers to straighten the skin. With the other index finger, begin to smooth the wrinkles along the bone until it starts to feel warm and you see slight redness.

Video 12

Massaging the nose

With the index fingers, smooth the entire lateral muscle of the nose, as shown in the video. Starting from the beginning of the nose, ending at the wings of the nose. You may feel some unevenness. Our end goal is to make the skin and muscles feel smooth. This may take a few treatments. Do not rush it! Keep going until it starts to feel warm and you see some redness. Do not expect results overnight!

Video 13

Massaging the nose (part 2).

Take the base of the wing of the nose with your thumb and forefinger, as shown in the video, try to lift the base, as if to tear the muscle from the bone. Do this until is starts to feel warm and you see some redness.

Video 14

Massaging the lips

Place your fingers in a deep pinch at the corners of your mouth. Under your fingers, you may feel some hard, and sometimes painful, little balls that are muscle attachment. Ideally, they should be soft and pliable. Compress and wait 10-15 seconds. Then repeat this technique 3 times. It make take a few treatments before you see results.

Video 15

Massaging the nasal folds.

Take the corner of your lip in a pinch, as shown in the video. You should feel where the tension is, it will manifest itself in the form of lumps. Then, with slow movements, walk from the corner of the mouth to the place of attachment of the large zygomatic bone (reference point: the edge of the eye), then you can take a pinch from the corner of the lip and walk vertically to the zygomatic bone. This can work out and smooth the entire cheek area. Repeat a few times until the area feels softened, warm and you can see some redness. We do everything by how it feels! Stop when it hurts. Results take time and a few treatments.

Important notices:

Just as you should be careful when you start training your muscles in the gym, should you be careful when starting to the train the muscles in your face with face massage. Results take time. Start slowly. Do not overdo it. Be reasonable with your expectations.

Give your muscles time to rest between exercises. Always clean your skin before any exercise. Use a gentle soap, and luke warm water. Clean also your hands and make sure your finger nails are clean too, to ensure you're not poluting your skin.

Also, if you have a special skin condition, then you should first ask your doctor or dermatologist for advice before attempting any of these exercises.

Remember, your are doing this to become a better version of yourself, so be kind to yourself, love yourself, don't give up and be reasonable about results.