Complimentary shipping with DHL Express for orders over EUR 120

Complimentary shipping with DHL Express for orders over EUR 120


Lifting Eye Contour Set [Patches & Gel]

1 pair of patches and 1 Eye Contour Gel (15ml) -


This is the set of Eye Contour Patches and the Eye Contour Gel.


Combine these Patches together with our powerful Eye Contour Gel for a revitalizing SPA treatment for your eyes. In 20 minutes, your skin will be deeply hydrated, smoothed and brightened. 


These Patches boost the revitalizing effect of our Eye Contour Gel and enhence the absorption of the gel's powerful combination of active peptides, including the natural active peptide Haloxyl, which activates the lymphatic system around the eyes, to drain excess fluid and eliminate waste products.


For best results over a period of 4 – 6 weeks, perform a daily facial massage for the eyes before using the Eye Contour Gel and Patches. The facial massage prepares your skin for even better absorption of the active ingredients in the gel, and it helps to stimulate blood flow to the skin and lymphatic drainage. 


By using the Patches and the Eye Contour Gel regularly, dark circles, bags under the eyes, wrinkles and crow's feet are visibly reduced. You will love how the appearance of the skin is greatly improved, making your eyes look less tired and stressed. 



These patches are a must-have accessory to include in your beauty routine.

  • How to use

    Apply the gel to clean and dry skin, and then wait for 30 seconds or until the gel has been absorbed. Then re-apply the gel once more. Apply the patches on the under-eye area about 30 seconds after the Eye Contour Gel has been applied for the second time. Best worn for 10-20 minutes maximum as these are not designed to be worn overnight. Wash after each use with warm water and soap. Let them air dry and return to your tin by pressing them flat on the plastic insert in your tin.

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