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Facial Activator (Gua Sha)

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Revitalize your skin with our Facial Activator - the 3 in 1 Gua Sha tool for firming, lifting, and de-puffing. Experience the rejuvenating benefits of ancient Gua Sha techniques with our Facial Activator. This innovative tool with modern design helps to firm, lift, and de-puff your face, stimulating blood flow, and reducing facial puffiness for a youthful, radiant appearance.


* Firm, lift, and de-puff the face using ancient Gua-Sha techniques

* Stimulates blood flow for a healthy and glowing complexion

* Can be used warm or cold for optimal results

  • Description

    Achieve youthful, glowing skin with our premium Facial Activator 3 in 1 Gua Sha. Experience the benefits of ancient Gua Sha techniques with a modern design that firms, lifts, and de-puffs your face.

    Stimulate blood flow, reduce puffiness, and drain excess fluids for a healthy, youthful appearance.

    Our Facial Activator works perfectly with our specially developed skincare products, and by following our weekly facial massage plan, you can learn advanced techniques for optimal results.

    This must-have accessory for your beauty routine is suitable for both warm and cryo massages, making it a perfect addition to your premium skincare collection.

    Made from medical grade stainless steel.

  • How to use

    Using our Facial Activator is simple and easy.

    Start by watching our short videos on this web page, on the 5 key gua sha techniques that you should know about.

    It is important to remember that that you always glide the tool along your skin contours with upward motions along your neck, jaw, and cheekbones.

    For optimal anti-aging results, combine with Van Den Broek Life actively working serums and creams.

    This versatile tool can be used cold or warm.

    For cryo treatment, leave it in the refrigerator overnight or in the freezer for one hour.

    For a warm treatment, submerge it in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes. Avoid hot or boiling water and do not microwave.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Olena Tkachenko (Castelló de la Plana, ES)
Гуаша девайс от Тати

Вы знаете я очень довольна гуаша. Даже удивительно но без особых предварительных навыков как только получила свой гуаша применила его на зоне глаз как показывает Тати в видео. Сделала на зону одного глаза и увидела результат в зеркале сразу, сравнив его в необработанной зоной второго глаза. Я очень довольна покупкой!! Благодарю, Тати, и за массажи и за иновационный гуаша - это уникальный продукт, без преувеличения.

Shiree Toon (Marshall, US)
Love this Guy Sha

Before this Guy Sha, I had purchased 2 other Gua Shas and they were good but were slippery and one the heart end was too pronounced and didn’t fit well gliding on the face. This one from Van den BROEK is wonderful! I love the shape, it doesn’t slip when gripping, the metal feels great and best of all the liquid inside which allows the warm or cold massage. The warm feels amazing and so relaxing and it is so easy to grip it to give the pressure you want. I have found my Gua Sha!

All of Van Den BROEK videos on how to massage are so good! She explains well, shows close ups of her moves and does the massage in real time so I can follow along. She is very knowledgeable. I am in my mid 60s so have many wrinkles and sagging skin so I am hopi I can help some with that but the color and skin tone has already improved and overall skin look has. Thank you for doing such great videos and providing wonderful information.

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