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Tatiana's Story

My face massage journey started more than 10 years ago when I lived in Asia and worked as a fashion model. That is when I became fascinated with face massage.

While living and working in Japan and China, local face massage masters taught me their interesting techniques. With their help, I was able to sculpt the line of my chin – to make it more elegant. With their techniques, I was also able to delay the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth. These results, which I was able to achieve with self-massage, amazed me and so I started studying all I could about cosmetology and face massage.

To be honest, I was shocked with what I found when I started studying face massage. In the huge amount of information that is available on the Internet, true and safe sources can be counted on your fingers. I was also amazed by the number of instructors who teach people completely wrong massage techniques. And some of them even claim that they invented face massage, and that they have some sort of ownership of face massage.

My quest took 10 years. I studied an innumerable number of books and watched hundreds of hours of self-massage video instruction. It was not an easy way to weed out truthful information from distorted information. And, I tested every technique on myself to find out what works.

Facial massage is not a new phenomenon. It has been used by people in different cultures since ancient times. For example, a Chinese document of the III century BC already talks about the use of massage therapy. We can also read about facial massage in the literature of ancient Greece, Persia, Japan and India.

After learning all I could, and when I felt ready to share, I combined all my self-massage findings into a series of video tutorials, which I made as detailed and simple as possible. It became my goal to use everything that I have learned over more than 10 years, to choose the most effective and actively working techniques to share with my followers. Every technique that I share has been tested on myself and has given me real positive results. It became my goal to help women adjust their appearance through face massage, and without surgery or other potentially dangerous procedures.

And so I began to share my video lessons on Instagram. Very soon I realized that people really enjoyed my content and the way in which I made it available. The number of subscribers to my page has already exceeded 400,000. More than 50,000 people around the world are engaged in my videos on Instagram, on my YouTube channels and on this site.

I am convinced that self-massage of the face should be available to anyone who is concerned about the beauty and youthfulness of their face.

A New Anti-Aging Methodology!

As a result of my research, I came to one realization. Massage, without a doubt, is an important component of the process of facial rejuvenation. At the same time, it is difficult to achieve optimal results without good skin care products. And it also takes a lot of time.

For lasting noticeable results in the fight against the signs of aging, massage should work from the inside out. And only the right cosmetics can help to deeply work from the outside into the skin.

That's why I created Van Den Broek Life anti-aging cosmetics. It is designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, where I live. It contains natural active ingredients that nourish the skin and fight the signs of aging in the deeper layers of the skin.

My technique is a combination of active cosmetics and effective self-massage techniques for the face.

My mission is to help women prolong the youthfulness of their facial skin, so I give a lot of information about self-massage for free: videos and step-by-step courses.

My dream is to make your youthfulness process positive, easy, and, most importantly, safe. Van Den Broek Life can help you do just that.

If someone tells you that youth cannot be prolonged, do not believe it. You're young as long as you want to be young.

See you in the video tutorials!


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