FREE Standard Shipping from EUR 50

FREE Standard Shipping from EUR 50


Where are your products made?

Our products have been developed and are produced in the Netherlands by a professional cosmetics laboratory. This producer also develops and produces cosmetic products for professional salons and SPAs. All products comply with the European Cosmetics Directive (Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009), and the local cosmetics laws and regulations in the Netherlands. All our products are animal cruelty free.

What kind of ingredients do you use?

Our line of anti-aging skincare products has been created from the best natural organic certified ingredients, and natural extracts. Our skincare products are free from PEGs, sulphates silicones, parebens and mineral oils. Natural alternatives are used to substitute for synthetic ingredients.

Will your products remove my wrinkles?

Our anti-aging skincare products are made from natural ingredients that actively help to reduce the signs of skin aging.

For best results, start using our skincare from the moment you notice the first signs of skin aging, typically from your late twenties. The longer you wait, the more time your skin will have to develop deep wrinkles and other signs of aging. The more severe the signs of skin aging, the longer it takes to reduce them.

Our products are meant to be used in combination with regular facial massages, and living a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes proper nutrition and hydration, and avoiding known causes of skin aging such as smoking and drinking excessive alcohol.

When you use our skincare products, follow a regular facial massage routine, and live a healthy lifestyle, you will help your skin to look rejuvenated.

How do your products work together with facial massages?

Facial massage stimulates the skin; it tones the underlying muscles and improves blood flow to the skin, it also helps to reduce puffiness by getting rid of access fluids through lymphatic drainage. Facial massage readies the skin to absorb all of the actively working ingredients in our anti-aging skincare products, and helps to enhance the anti-aging effects of our skincare.

Can you suggest a daily skincare routine?

Step 1:

Cleanse your face with our gentle Silky Smooth Banana Cleanser. For optimal results, I recommend to combine the cleansing with one of our quick facial massages. The facial massage stimulates the skin, the underlying muscles, improves blood flow, and it helps to reduce puffiness by getting rid of access fluids through lymphatic drainage.

You can find all facial massage videos on our website and on our YouTube channel (search for: vandenbroeklife_english).

Step 2:

After you have cleansed your skin, apply the Daily Exfoliation Toner to a cotton pad and gentle wipe face and neck. Don’t forget about your T-line: eyebrows, nose, and chin. Also important are the areas (behind) the jaw angle and the neck. These areas are known to accumulate dead skins cells, and often have clogged pores and blackheads. Do not rinse, after this exfoliation.

Step 3:

The skin is now deeply cleansed and exfoliated, and it is ready to absorb the actively working ingredients in our anti-aging creams. During the day, we recommend using our anti-aging day creams, such as the Light as Air day cream or the SPF 30 day cream. For the evening, we recommend the Retinol Wrinkle Repair cream or the Night Repair cream.

What is the expiration date of your products?

Our products are guaranteed to last for at least 12 months after opening.

Can your products be used during pregnancy?

For products containing the ingredient retinol, it is not recommended to use them while trying to conceive or during pregnancy.

What are the estimated shipping times?

For standard shipping within the European Union/EEA, which is handled by Deutsche Post and local national postal services, the shipping times are usually 5 – 10 working days, from the day the order is shipped.

For standard shipping outside the European Union/EEA, the delivery time depends on several factors, including the destination and the time it takes for local customs authorities to process the order. We have seen typical delivery times in the range of 10 - 15 working days from the day that the order is shipped.

All the aforementioned delivery times are estimates only.

Do you have express delivery options?

We have contracted with DHL Express to provide Express shipping with delivery times of 1 – 5 business days for the most common destinations. Express delivery is complementary for orders over EUR 120.

Will my order be subject to tax and / or import duties?

Within the EU, your order will be subject to the VAT rate of your country of residence. You will receive an invoice with your local VAT.

Shipments to countries outside of the European Union may result in additional taxes and import duties. Some countries apply a tax free amount under which no taxes and/or duties are charged. Unfortunately, we are not able to confirm the exact rules and regulations or the applicable rates. We recommend that you contact your local customs office to verify whether any tax or duties are due before placing an order.

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