Free DHL Express from EUR 135 (EU & US)

Free DHL Express from EUR 135 (EU & US)

Facial massages

When you are new to facial massage, we recommend that you follow our weekly plan to get started.

When you follow my weekly plans on a regular basis, then over 1 - 2 weeks you will treat all the different areas of the face. When I prepare the plans, I will make sure to leave plenty of time between treating the same areas so that your face has time to recover and that you will get the best possible results.

If you have been doing facial massage for a while and want to find techniques to treat specific areas, then you can find on this page all our guided facial massage videos categorized by the specific areas: neck, forehead, eyes, smile lines, and jaw line.

We have also included a category “full lifting massage”. These are 3 full facial massage videos, which are great if you simply want to do a quick face massage for the whole face.

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